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Beyond Our Painting Service: We Also Specialize in Hardwood Floor Staining

Many people opt to install hardwood flooring in their properties due to its excellent aesthetic appeal. However, installation is only half the battle; to maximize your investment, you must also take good care of your wood floors and keep them sturdy and attractive for a long time. One way to preserve the beauty and durability of your hardwood floors is to have them re-stained on a regular basis, which is something that Classic Paint can assist you with. We’ve become known for our professional painting service in Franklin, NC, but we also offer hardwood floor staining solutions to our customers. Book an appointment with us now!

Why Staining Is the Ideal Choice

There are several ways to protect your hardwood flooring, but staining is one of the best options since it preserves the natural grain of the wood and makes it even more noticeable. As a result, your floors will be able to retain their inherent aesthetic appeal, making your interior space look more elegant and attractive while boosting the market value of your property.

DIY vs Professional Floor Staining

It’s possible to stain wood floors on your own. In fact, there are lots of online resources that provide detailed step-by-step guides on DIY floor staining as well as helpful tips and tricks that property owners can use. However, if you have zero experience with wood floor staining and aren’t sure where to start, or if you just don’t have the time for do-it-yourself projects, your best move is to call professionals. By letting our team handle the floor staining process, you’re assured that your flooring will receive the care and attention it needs to stay beautiful and elegant, and you can expect to see the best possible results.

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